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Renata Angelo and Brian Tracy

TO PUSH OR NOT TO PUSH - is that the question?

What is the importance of pushing ourselves?

Why do we push? Pushing implies effort, Effort implies desire, Desire implies emotion, And emotion implies passion.

If this is accurate for most of us, Pushing To The Front assumes a passionate mindset.

They have 'blood, sweat and tears' invested to make a success of their pursuits. Now, we all have passion, which is one part of the menu for success.

Do we have a plan to utilize and direct that passion? The Celebrity Experts in their field in this book have developed multiple methods to succeed in their fields.

See how they achieved their success. They will show you their secrets. 

With odds not much different to yours, and at times much more difficult, read how these Celebrity Experts have done it, then copy these methods of "Pushing To The Front" to achieve YOUR goals. 
One finds limits by pushing them.
Push through fear and limiting believes.

Become the best version of yourself!

    MTrainDev. Renata Angelo

    Transformational coach, speaker, autor

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