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personal development

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Renata Angelo and Brian Tracy

Motivation in your pocket!

What do you get in the collection?

  • MP3  - "Jak žít šťastný a naplněný život"
    Brian Tracy
    A recording of Brian Tracy's full-day seminar.
  • Audio that will move you to the top in your professional and personal life. Learn from the best in the world! More than 6 hours of motivation!
  • In English with Czech and Slovak translation.
  • ​MP3  - "Cesta úspěšných"
    Renata Angelo 
    Discover "11 steps to turn dreams into reality!" Based on the American bestseller "Pushing To The Front"
  • Recording of a "live" lecture.
  • About 1.5 hours of inspiration!
  • MP3  - "Nový začátek"
    Renata Angelo and Brian Tracy
  • Audio in which you will find the best ideas from the book "New Beginning". Close the past and allow today to be the new beginning of your desired life.
  • About 2 hours of motivation.
  • MP3  - "Relaxace"
    Renata Angelo
  • Give yourself a moment ... Autogenous training is a great way to give your body a chance to relax and recharge your batteries during the day or just before falling asleep. Recharge your energy and sleep well ... :-)
  • About 1 hour of relaxation.
  • MP3 - "Meditace - Zdraví"
    Renata Angelo
    I will guide you through meditation, which will help you evoke a feeling of peace, well-being, joy and inner happiness. In this state, you also give your body the best opportunity for regeneration and healing.
  • About 30 minutes of meditation.
    More than 10 hours of inspiration!

    An exceptional opportunity to get these pearls of personal and professional development at a unique price!

    MTrainDev. Renata Angelo

    Transformační kouč, speaker, autor

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